Patricky “Pitbull” Freire Wants Dustin Poirier in Bellator

Bellator lightweight Patricky Pitbull wants to see Dustin Poirier make the move to Bellator so that Dustin can be paid and both men can fight each other.

Image of Patricky Pitbull via Twitter: @BellatorMMA
Image of Patricky Pitbull via Twitter: @BellatorMMA

Throughout the journey of most amateur MMA fighters, the plight to success is the same. First, finish regional fights and garner the attention of the UFC. Next, get signed, and try to become a legend. However, once a fighter reaches the UFC, options become thin, and the vision changes. Does it become more about attempting to become a UFC Hall of Famer? Or, does the focus shift to financial stability? Dustin Poirier has done everything in the UFC that a fighter could possibly do. Now, Patricky “Pitbull” Freire would like to see Poirier go over to Bellator. That way, Dustin was paid fairly and both men could fight. 

Dustin vs Tony Ferguson Scrapped 

For fans who we anticipating a potential matchup against Tony Ferguson and Dustin Poirier, think again. Rumors began to swirl when Dana White stated that the bout would probably be the co-main event of UFC 254. However, Poirier made it clear that while he is interested in fighting Tony, the finances have to be intact beforehand. Now, Dana has confirmed that the matchup between Poirier and Ferguson will not happen at UFC 253, and perhaps not in the near future. 

Pitbull Speaks About Poirier to Bellator

Fans took to social media to express their desires to watch Poirier fight. Furthermore, they understand his decision to sit out until he gets what he deserves. Bellator President Scott Coker understands the concept of paying fighters what they believe they deserve. Knowing that information, Pitbull would like to see Poirier in Bellator. 

Imagine how cool MMA would be if when a promoter doesn’t value their fighters they could go offer their talents elsewhere. Come to @BellatorMMA @DustinPoirier, I’m sure they’ll make you feel appreciated and pay you what you deserve. And then we can fight

Changing Organizations 

Would fans be more interested in seeing Poirier continue to chase UFC gold? Or, would Bellator be a nice change of pace for the veteran lightweight? If Freire were to fight Dustin, it could easily be one of the best fights in Bellator history. 


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