Pancrase just has the coolest promo videos

I have a Korean friend and all her and I really do is eat together. Whether it be a bucket a wings or a Vernon combo at the Vernon Diner at 3 am. If we are together, chances are we are most likely eating. This is the closest thing I’ll get to visiting Japan currently. Sure she’s not even Japanese but I don’t have any better options to experience Japan. Unless Zeus gives me a massive raise (Zeus you better be reading this.)

All I have is my Korean friends and JMMA, one of which is on it’s deathbed. At least the OG MMA organization, the ones who started it all are still around and kicking. They are still giving us some JMMA goodness, whether it be in the form of Rin Nakai or awesome promo videos. They keep on giving, so why don’t you appreciate the little JMMA left in the world and watch this promo for Pancrase257.

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