Watch Tito Ortiz Virtually Fumble EVERY Word During Swear-In Speech

Tito Ortiz couldn't even make it through his swearing-in speech, causing all of members of Twitter and Huntington Beach to roast him.

Screenshot of Tito Ortiz via Youtube
Screenshot of Tito Ortiz via Youtube

In September, Tito Ortiz teased that he would run for office. Fast forward to today, and he is an elected city councilman in his hometown of Huntington Beach, California. Ortiz has had success over the course of his illustrious MMA career. However, he’s become a punching bag for his blurbs on society, race, and politics. Much like his trash talk, Tito seemingly struggles to get to the point. So much so, that Ortiz couldn’t even make it through his swearing-in speech, causing all of Huntington Beach to roast him.

One of Ortiz’s hottest takes during his political campaign is his belief that the coronavirus is manmade. Spreading false information isn’t necessarily the best idea while running for office. But these days, nothing is shocking that comes from Tito Ortiz.

Tito Ortiz Swear-In Speech

Alas, it was enough to get him voted into office. However, Ortiz had a rough time repeating a few simple phrases in order to get sworn into office. 

Hearing Tito fumbled practically each and every word is the content that MMA fans live for. Especially ones that don’t live anywhere close to Huntington Beach.

Fan Reactions 

Fans of the sport took to social media to completely rip Ortiz to shreds. On countless occasions, he’s switched his primary focus on what to attack first in order to clean up the city.

First, he stated that COVID-19 was not real. Then, he said he will do everything in his power to protect his people from the virus.  Shortly after, Ortiz said that his first focus was to clean up the homeless situation in California, whatever that means. 

As a devout supporter of US President Donald Trump, Ortiz shares similar ideals, principles, and marketing strategies as the President. As far as his political career goes, expect his term to get weirder and weirder each passing day that Ortiz has to speak in a microphone on the camera. 


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  1. Heard this on Jim Rome radio show earlier.Woah. Although they don’t play all the phrases he nailed perfectly. But clearly, “solemnly” was a tough one for him. Sounded like three tries and it got worse each time.


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