Omigawa just gave the MMA world the greatest quote that no one picked up on

If you were forced to face a zombie apocalypse, your chances of survival greatly increase if Michihiro Omigawa is in you corner. A zombie survival kit is nothing without Omigawa. You might as well offer your brains with a dash of Tabasco sauce if Omigawa isn’t there to straight jab his way through the undead.

In just the past year, Omigawa has racked up a record of 8-1 and he’s entered all but one fight as an underdog. This guy was injected with a dose of ‘career resurgence’ and ever since he said ‘[expletive] all of you who think I’m going to lose this fight’ to every audience member inside the Yoyogi National Gymnasium at Sengoku 8, I’ve learned to listen to every word this guy has to say. That’s why this interview conducted by Kamipro in the November edition of the magazine needed my immediate attention. When the interviewer asked Omigawa what his rank was in Dream, he abruptly cut off the interviewer and essentially said ‘Screw what you’re talking about, I’m a legend. Next question’.

“I defeated Marlon Sandro in Sengoku, I defeated Takaya. So my next target was DREAM champion…I thought, but I wasted time. So, they can do their business, but [the] featherweight belt’s value is nothing without me. So DREAM should respect me. Now, I defeat striker by striking, defeat grappler by submission. I am new legend.”

Whenever your wife asks you to take out the trash, just rattle off a few of your Xbox Live achievements and end the sentence with ‘I am new legend’ and promptly sit back on the sofa. In fact, for today, end all conversations with ‘I am new legend’. Just try it out, you’ve earned it. [Source]

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