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Now Marius Zaromskis’ opponent is accusing him of greasing in his somersault kick win

Now Marius Zaromskis’ opponent is accusing him of greasing in his somersault kick win

So it has come down to this; scientists have finally invented a grease to enable a human being to effortlessly pull off a somersault kick (or a ‘rolling koppou kick’ for the MMA bourgeois). The location of this grease must be told to no one. If you’re near this somersault kick grease, protect it with your life. Just remember that with every invader you thwart, you will have saved the head of another human being. This somersault grease must be thrown in a time machine, sent into space, and be transported back to the exact moment when Planet Krypton explodes so that our world may never know that it existed. These are the precautionary measures that I expect, don’t let me down somersault grease guardian.

Bruno Carvalho now claims on his Facebook that the reason he didn’t get the win yesterday in Stockholm, Sweden against Marius Zaromskis was solely because Marius was covered in Vaseline. Yes, Bruno Carvalho is accusing Marius Zaromskis of cheating.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t get the win for you guys tonight. Marius was covered in vaseline, he knew the only way to beat me was to cheat. Unfortunately I let that go to my head and suffered an early stoppage. We are going to file a protest with the commission tomorrow. I did not deserve to lose that fight.”

Greasing is synonymous with fast-food Mexican food in Tucson, Arizona. Just wanted to point that out since, you know, it’s absolutely the truth. Props to Esther Lin on the picture. [Source]

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