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Nate Marquardt says Rick Story doesn’t know he is in a different league

Nate Marquardt says Rick Story doesn’t know he is in a different league

I just happened to be listening to Suga Free when I read Nate Marquardt’s comments about Rick Story on today and it can’t be a coincidence. Although one normally wouldn’t think some West Coast pimpology would in anyway be relative to a Nate Marquardt interview, somehow today these too ecclectic things go together like egg rolls and day-glo orange sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Nate seems very old school pimpish in his chat with when he talks about this Sunday night’s fight with Rick Story:

“I expect him to come forward the whole time and kind of try to make it a dirty fight, because I think he knows that I’m going to be better in most areas. I think he’ll probably have a similar game plan as he did against Thiago Alves, really.”

“That’s a good feeling to know that I know a lot more than this guy. The fact that he’s this young up-and-comer, to me that just means that he doesn’t know that I’m in a different league. He’s going to have problems that way.”

Nate saying Story doesn’t know he is in a different league than him, is like a very refined version of a line from the song ‘So Umpimpable’ that goes “you don’t know what I know, ***** I’m so umpimpable” If you know the song, I’m sorry in advance for the strong urge you will now have to repeat lines said by Pinky from Next Friday for the next four days. [source]

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