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Nate Diaz Plans to Pursue Legal Action Due to FAKE Miami Herald Story

Nate Diaz Plans to Pursue Legal Action Due to FAKE Miami Herald Story

Nate Diaz and His Camp Plan on Suing the Miami Herald for Publishing a False Story

Nate Diaz is the king of capitalizing off of a situation and walking away with a load of cash. By now, everybody knows what Diaz loves the most in love. Ninja s**t, marijuana, and money. On the other hand, it’s very clear what Nate simply will never put up with. Slandering the Diaz name, participating is fake activities and USADA. Now that the Miami Herald has published a fraudulent story about Diaz, he plans to capitalize on that fake story as well by pursuing legal action and getting some cash.

The Herald’s Story

Recently, the Miami Herald, a news publication in Miami, Florida, posted a false story about Nate Diaz. The story they ran with stated that Diaz was hospitalized after battling with police during a domestic violence arrest in Miami. However, Nate and his team denied all allegations of the matter, stating that they weren’t even in Miami during that time.

The Herald then deleted the story from their news cycle. Furthermore, they posted an update to the story that cleaned up their false allegations. In the update, the publication indicated the fighter in question was Michael Albert Nates. Nates is a former mixed martial artist who hasn’t competed since 2012.

Diaz Prepares for Legal Action Against the Miami Herald

Due to the false allegations, Diaz and his team plan on taking legal action. Especially because the story was completely false, yet it was still printed for all to digest. Nate’s representative Zach Rosenfield spoke to Ariel Helwani of ESPN. During the converstaion, he stated that Diaz and his camp demand an apology and are planning to pursue legal action.

Making the Case

More than likely, Diaz and his team will pursue a case of defamation of character. Next, it’ll be up to the legal system to determine whether or not the publication recklessly published the false information and if Nate’s reputation was harmed in the process.

It sounds like a lot to digest but at the end of the day, Nate loves money. And if this is an easy way for him to cash out, prepare for another octagon hiatus from the Stockton native.

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