Nate Diaz Slaps MMA Reporter Backstage At UFC 276 After Being Asked About Sean O’Malley

Nate Diaz was not having it with a reporter at UFC 276.

Nate Diaz Slap Mma Reporter
Nate Diaz Slap Mma Reporter - Image via @Fullsendmma Youtube
  • Nate Diaz gave a reporter a Stockton Slap backstage at UFC 276
  • The story behind the incident is expected to unravel soon

One thing most of us like about UFC events is seeing big-name fighters showing up to watch the fights. At the recent UFC 276, veteran lightweight and welterweight contender Nate Diaz delighted everyone with a surprise appearance.

However, an MMA reporter appeared to have ticked Diaz off during a backstage interview and was given a Stockton Slap.

Watch your head

When Diaz popped out in the screen, it appeared as if he’s just about to address a few things about his current UFC status. However, when the reporter asked him if he came to watch Sean O’Malley fight, Diaz, who appeared to be in his typical mean state, whispered to the reporter and said something like, “you better watch those tweets.”

Right after that, Diaz smacked the reporter’s microphone before slapping him in the side of his head, Stockton style.

See the actual clip below:

It looks legit

Following the slap, the video was immediately cut, but it could be seen that the event security did not intervene after the intense moment. Reports say that the slap was not staged and everything seemed real and raw as Diaz’s demeanor looked genuine.

The whole story that led to the slapping incident is yet to be determined. However, it is expected to be addressed soon.

Diaz has long been waiting for a concrete answer from the UFC with regards to his situation. UFC boss Dana White previously hinted at Diaz possibly being booked for UFC 278 in Salt Lake City. However, White then suggested that a fight with Jake Paul also makes sense. Until then, Diaz would have to just wait and see what the UFC plans for him.

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