Mike Tyson gently soothes motorcyclist hit by car while calling for help

Imagine this: You are on the highway riding your motorcycle, and you get knocked off your bike by another car. Dazed, confused, and seriously injured, you lay in a heap, waiting for someone to help you. You finally get help, and it comes from…Mike Tyson?

According to TMZ, Ryan Chelsey was riding on his motorcycle on the I-15 until he was cut off by a cab, causing a nasty crash and a list of several injuries including a paralysed big toe, broken ankle, and several torn ligaments. Lying on the highway, he looked up and saw an angel. Well, not an angel, but the infamous boxer Mike Tyson standing over him with three friends offering to help.

The group managed to block off traffic, and ‘Iron Mike’ sat with the injured Chelsey, speaking to him and preventing him from going into shock. Tyson reassured Chelsey by telling him in a calm, soothing voice that people were coming to help, and also told people not to touch him.

“He didn’t know what was happening,” Chelsey’s lawyer Dan Stubbs said. “(Mike) just stood by him and talked to him. When he was done with the good deed, he just took off.”

Chelsey did not know how long they were there for, and even thought he was hallucinating. But with his uninjured hand, he managed to take a quick snap of Tyson with his phone, because you know, when shit goes down, we have to take a photo.

The motorcyclist was so thankful for Tyson’s actions, he even sent him a fruit basket. Originally, Chelsey wanted to send ‘Iron Mike’ a basket full of chocolates and whatever, but was told that Tyson’s a ‘health nut’, so opted for that one instead. You can check out the message below:

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