Michael Bisping says Matt Hamill was ‘terrible, shockingly bad’ in his fight against Rampage

If you loved Michael Bisping trying to fight every member of Dan Henderson’s team in his first appearance as coach of The Ultimate Fighter, then brace yourself for another season of wild antics and English subtitles. Rampage Jackson has stated that he will do everything in his power to prepare Bisping for Mayhem Miller when the two TUF coaches eventually scrap at a future UFC event. Bisping and Rampage are buddies, they even drink topless together. That wasn’t the picture I was looking for, but it will have to do.

In an interview with Gareth A. Davies of The Telegraph, Michael Bisping let’s it be known that he believes Matt Hamill was outright terrible in his UFC 130 fight with Rampage Jackson.

‘He was trying to KO Hamill. People were booing which I think was unfair. He was putting it all into a lot of those punches. Rampage was not in fear of any of those takedown attempts, and Hamill got nowhere near a takedown. I thought overall that Rampage was fantastic. Hamill was terrible. Shockingly bad. It just goes to show what a world class opponent Rampage is, and whether he is committed to the sport.’

When discussing Michael Bisping and Mat Hamill in the same paragraph, it’s impossible not to note that both fighters were involved in perhaps the most controversial decision in the history of MMA — and the universe. [Source]

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