Yancy Medeiros Documents USADA Ruining Living Room Sex

Yancy Medeiros took to social media to tell the story of how USADA knocked on his door to test him while he was having sex.

Image of Yancy Medeiros via Twitter: @UFC
Image of Yancy Medeiros via Twitter: @UFC

Throughout USADA’s history with the UFC, many stories have surfaced of them testing fighters at unwanted times. From interrupting live Twitch streams to making fighters want to hide under the octagon cage, it’s safe to say that USADA does what it wants. But, what is the most inopportune time for the anti-doping agency to show up? Yancy Medeiros took to social media to document how USADA knocked on his door in the middle of him having sex.

Medeiros Tells USADA Story 

Medeiros said that USADA knocked on his door roughly around 8 pm. Additionally, at that time, he was in his living room during “adult things” while they arrived. But, Yancy believes that USADA heard everything that went down anyway. 

“Having sex in my living room and @usantidoping comes pounding on my door at 8 pm… (the) best part, him trynna be all professional as I look him in the face, knowing this foo heard everything going down… been tested pre/post-competition, but “during” is a first #youreallonsteriods”

While Yancy seems to be having fun at home, the same might not be said about his recent MMA outings. Medeiros is currently on a three-fight losing streak with two out of the three losses by way of knockout. 

Recent UFC Woes

During his last fight against Lando Vanatta, Medeiros seemed off. In fact, many fans thought that he was fighting with an injury. However, others speculated that the high altitude of Rio Rancho, New Mexico was a major factor in his performance.

Currently, Yancy doesn’t have fights booked with the UFC. Nonetheless, when the organization comes calling, he’ll be ready. And, if USADA comes barging it again, the chances of them arriving upon weirder circumstances are fairly low. 

Let’s just hope that for now, MMA Twitter can continue with the jokes. Maybe other fighters will be encouraged to tell their USADA stories to the timeline as well. 

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