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Jorge Masvidal Opens Up on Political Support For President Trump

UFC Welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal finally opened up about his support for Donald Trump, which he never discussed before.

Jorge Masvidal Opens Up on Political Support For President Trump

Jorge Masvidal has been pretty vocal about his support for the current President of the United States. He may have not gone overboard like his ex-teammate and training partner Colby Covington, but he’s always made it known. When it comes to politics, Masvidal himself has admitted that enters the realm with very minimal knowledge. Additionally, he’s never gone into detail on why he’s chosen to support President Trump. But, recently in an interview, Jorge Masvidal finally decided to open up on the reasons why he supports President Donald Trump.

Masvidal On Support for President Trump 

Masvidal recently appeared on The Dan Le Batard Show. For those who don’t know, both Dan and Masvidal are Cuban men who are based out of Miami, Florida. On the show, Le Batard explained the reason why many Cubans in Miami support the current President in the way that they do.

Jorge Masvidal Explains His Political Stance 

Next, Masvidal finally explained why he supports Donald Trump as much as he does. At the same time, he also made it clear that he isn’t politically savvy. Here’s an excerpt of the conversation:

“Do I agree with all his (President Trump) policies? Hell no. There’s a million things that need to change, as well. But I see him doing more right in the sense of freedom and for my Latin people than a lot of other motherf*ckers. And for the Black community, also the lowest Black unemployment rates. That’s huge, man. That’s huge,” said Jorge.

“People are forgetting about that. Now, I don’t know everything about politics, and I don’t know everything about Trump. But when I talk to my mom, who came from a Latin American country, Peru, and she migrated over here, she tells me lots of things. And she’s not against Trump. She feels a lot of things he says are good. Some of things, she’s like, ‘I don’t like this, I don’t like that.’ But it’s not like because she likes Trump or I like Trump or something, it’s not like me and my mom stopped talking or nothing. It’s just crazy that society now is telling you if you’re a Biden fan, well then you’re Antifa or you’re something crazy, and if you’re Trump, you hate transgenders, you hate everything. Basically, if you’re a Trump fan, you hate everything. And it’s crazy what society is coming out to.”

Choosing a Side 

Some fans will turn on Masvidal given the current outing of his political stance. But, there will also be a crowd that doesn’t care about what Masvidal thinks about foreign policy and American practices. Now that Jorge has explained himself, does it turns fans away? Or, will people continue to support the “BMF” champion?

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