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Mark Munoz gives a heartfelt message on how Mayhem Miller can conquer his inner demons

Mark Munoz gives a heartfelt message on how Mayhem Miller can conquer his inner demons

Last weekend after UFC 146, we went with one of our trusted sources and published on our Sunday Morning Rumor Mill that Mayhem Miller got in an incident involving a UFC employee and nearly had an altercation with CB Dollaway. We were right about the UFC employee, wrong about Dollaway. Hey, we can’t get them all right. That’s why once a week we just sling all the stuff that’s rumored in the MMA industry and see what sticks. If we don’t publish the SMRM, you guys complain and when we do publish it — you guys still complain. Stop getting so angry at life, folks. At least your face is not getting eaten off by a zombie in Florida.

We like to call Mark Munoz the ‘Filipino wrecking machine’ even though he hates that name. I’m sure if a zombie apocalypse went down, we can give him the moniker of ‘Zombie wrecking machine’ or maybe the ‘Filipino zombie wrecking machine.’ However, according to that name, people may think Mark Munoz is only wrecking Filipino zombies. Let’s hope that Munoz doesn’t discriminate in the face of a zombie takeover. We need him to be an equal-opportunity zombie destroyer.

Yesterday, LayzieTheSavage caught up with Mark Munoz to discuss Mayhem Miller and how he can truly overcome his inner demons and show fans the Mayhem that we’ve come to know throughout the years.

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