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Pic: Mark Hunt dunking on Fabricio Werdum in the comment section is the content we need

Pic: Mark Hunt dunking on Fabricio Werdum in the comment section is the content we need

Mark Hunt remains our favorite fighter who has a losing record. Hunt’s journey’s to the sport leading advocate against PEDs has been a strange one.

Yeah the same Mark Hunt who competed in K-1, Pride, and Dream is now suddenly against performance enhancing drugs. Only MMA could drive a man to completely flip his point of of view like that.

MiddleEasy loves Hunt in any shape or form he chooses to take. Just keep hitting walk off knockouts until the end of time and the rest will work itself out.

It is kind of funny that throughout is 28 fight MMA career spanning all the best organizations in the world, Hunt has fought and lost to a lot of PED users. Brock Lesnar and Josh Barnett are the two big names, but the thing is Hunt has also clubbed the hell out of many PED users as well.

Cro Cop, Big Foot Silva, Frank Mir, and Ben Rothwell have all been ended by Hunt despite being on what some would say is “all the PEDs”.

Then there is Fabricio Werdum. Everybody remember the ‘Rally For Mark Hunt’ movement of 2014. Somehow, someway Hunt stumbled and knocked out his way to an UFC title shot. The only person standing in Hunt-o’s way was Werdum. Because MMA can be evil, Hunt’s storybook ending was ruined by a Werdum flying knee at UFC 180 in Mexico.

Fast forward to 2018 and Werdum gets busted by USADA (LOL), and can’t fight until 2020.

Due to the fact that a Super Samoan never forgets, Hunt has been poking at Werdum on social media. Werdum has the receipts but it’s not stopping Hunt from getting his licks in.

Bless Hunt for this.

H/T to the crew over at @Stipe__Tapped for the find, give them a follow.

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