Watch: Mark Hunt Destroyed Frank Mir And Calmly Shuffled Away

Mark Hunt lumbered out of the boiling sea onto the shores of Australia to do battle once again. Sensing another Heavyweight was ready for blood, his opponent Frank Mir burst out of a mountain upon his arrival. Luckily, Brisbane built an arena large enough to hold the warring giants complete with concessions to sell cold beer.

The monsters circled and pawed at each other, but it only took Hunt three minutes to land a right hand that turned out all the lights across the whole planet. Knowing the hideous power of the blow, Hunt took sympathy on Mir and just walked away.

With the Heavyweight division all over the place right now until Jon Jones decides to evolve into his final form, the winner of this fight definitely gets one step closer to a title shot.

Until then, watch this incredible KO as Mark Hunt slowly descends back into the depths of the ocean.

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