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Manhoef vs. Cyborg II is happening, and it takes place at ‘Gringo Super Fight’

Manhoef vs. Cyborg II is happening, and it takes place at ‘Gringo Super Fight’

The number one linked video on Middleeasy has and always will be Manhoef vs Cyborg. I’ve stated this before, but the only reaction I can muster when I watch that fight is one of laugher. I can’t believe what I am watching at times, it’s so ridiculous. I envision both of them in training camp, with a piece of paper that says “strategy” in big bold letters and directly under it in bigger bolder letters it says “violence” possibly in all caps too. They then trained in the art of violence or six weeks until they clashed and tore a hole in the space time continuum. Our very existence was nearly compromised that day, 16 year old Gary was just getting his Xbox 360 at the time, he didn’t need the world to end. I needed to play Halo 2 everyday after school till the 2 am, because that’s what I used my Xbox 360 for.

I’m not sure what will happen in the rematch, I’m not even sure if there should be a rematch because we may live through it, but it’s happening. Tell the people you love that you love them, because April 13th maybe the last chance you get to say that.

Banner image courtesy of Sherdog.

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