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Machida Vs. Hendo this spring? We would drink to that

Machida Vs. Hendo this spring? We would drink to that

The odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field are approximately 3,720 to 1. The odds of us writing an article about Lyoto Machida that makes zero references to his urine drinking habit are far, far worse. In the MiddleEasy office we have a kind of an assembly line style of double checking our work, and trust me, between the entire staff we would never let an opportunity to describe Lyoto Machida’s sweet urine dribbling from his chin after a tough workout elude us. Electrolytes and vitamins. Replenish them with your fluid waste Karate man.

Lyoto is recovering from elbow surgery and sat down (or stood up and spoke with them, no one really knows) with Tatame to discuss whats next for the former champ, and Dan Henderson’s name was on the tip of of Machida’s urine soaked tongue:

EF: What are you expecting for the future? Who do you believe can come next?

LM: I’m waiting UFC’s suggestion. I guess in April or May, but in case it doesn’t happen I’ll suggest Dan Henderson, who’s a good guy. I know he’s on the line for the belt, but if this fight against Jon Jones doesn’t happen, I’d like to fight him.

EF: Is it a good way for you to get on the line for the title again, right?

LM: He’s a legend in the sport, a champion in many events, like Rings, Pride, Strikeforce… I’d like to test my technique against his.

EF: Now Rashad’s fighting Phil Davis and Dan Henderson is the next on the line. How do you see your weight class currently?

LM: I guess this event will define many things, where are things going. If Rashad wins, I guess he’s the next contender. If Phil Davis wins, I guess he’s gonna have to fight one more time at least. It’s hard to say, I’m also looking at my position right now and waiting for a bigger definition

We know Hendo wants to fight ASAP and Bones is clamoring for a March/April return, so at least we have this spring to look forward to for the return of Machida et al.


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