Lyle Beerbohm says: ‘I don’t think Aoki can submit me’

Tomorrow is the most important fight in the history of pants and no one seems to realize this or want to. I’m not going to blame it on the Masons or some high level government conspiracy, but we need to realize that Shinya Aoki’s ‘Magical pants’™ vs Lyle Beerbohm’s ‘Fancy Pants’™ is a battle of pants that has never before been realized on the earth’s surface. There was once a battle for pants on par with this before, but it was on the ocean floor, and we don’t cover ocean MMA as much as this fight may resemble an octopus on octopus fight. Beerbohm has stated before, he is not afraid ‘the master of flying submissions’, but now we have video proof via Strikeforce for you to consume like a piece of sushi, or a pair of pants.


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