Liver King Talks Redemption, Staying Natty Going Forward And Calling Up Derek From MPMD To Thank Him

The YouTube personality known as The Liver King is still reeling from his steroid outing but sees the silver lining that can come from it.

The Liver King
Credit The Liver King on Instagram

The Liver King has caught a lot of heat recently due to his steroid usage but is promising that is all behind him now.

The man known as The Liver King has had a fall from grace. His rise in popular fitness culture over the past few years was very quick and due to his outrageous physique and personality, people were really drawn to him. The premise behind The Liver King persona was to eat raw organ meat and live an ancestral way of life. The Liver King has a YouTube channel dedicated to this lifestyle and his all-natural caveman way of living. He is also affiliated with a liver supplement that promotes his hypothesis that eating liver can lead to living well.

All the hype behind this YouTube personality came crashing down last week due to another YouTuber known as Derek from More Plates, More Dates. Derek is an expert on performance-enhancing drugs and supplementation. He undercovered proof that The Liver King was taking steroids and shared that with the world. The fallout was substantial in the fitness world. There has also been a significant crossover to the world of MMA since The Liver King was growing in popularity with fighters and fans. 

After the news broke, he turned to YouTube to issue an apology and to explain the reasoning behind his decision. 

The Liver King has vowed to return to his all-natural ways going forward

The Liver King was a guest on the Flagrant podcast where he spoke about the positive effect that has come from this exposure. He even explained that after it all came out he called up Derek from MPMD to thank him.

“I don’t know if you guys know this, but as soon as this happened, I called Derek. I called him. First of all, he didn’t answer and I sent him a text and I say, man, I just want to thank you,” he said. “I just want to say thank you. I don’t know what good will come of it, but good will f–king come of it.”

He went on to describe that he is willing to put the steroids behind him and go on living the kind of life he preaches about. The Liver King has full intentions of living by his “Nine Ancestral Tenents” and go natural aka “natty.”

“I believe so deeply in this message and the nine ancestral tenants and the ancestral living, to answer your question, yes,” he said of going natty from now on. “I’m done with that. When I had the opportunity to issue the apology… and I said this is my time to just do it all.”

The Liver King stands by his original message but will now be practicing what he preaches. He believes that there will be silver linings from his steroid outing and plans to be honest with his fans going forward. 

Published on December 8, 2022 at 3:09 pm
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