Let’s hope GSP doesn’t watch this video of Jake Shields wrestling with Mark Munoz

That’s it. I’m done eating meat. That banner on the side on MiddleEasy is just impossible to ignore. If you click on the image, you’ll be taken to a website that will make you regurgitate anything that you’ve eaten within a five-hour time span. Today I will embark my voyage into the land of vegetarianism, just like UFC welterweight contender Jake Shields. PETA even used the guy in an ad campaign last year, as well as Mac Danzig. I’m finished with meat, folks and it’s all attributed to that inescapable ad on MiddleEasy. By default by converting to vegetarianism, my wrestling should elevate to the level of Jake Shields in this video training video with Mark Munoz. Fingers crossed that I don’t accidentally shove a piece of beef into my mouth. [Source]

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