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Let Jeff Monson enlighten you on the benefits of Anarchism

Let Jeff Monson enlighten you on the benefits of Anarchism

If you know all the words to ‘Frosty The Snowman,’ then Jeff Monson has a reasonable explanation as to why your brain has been conditioned by an oppressive system built on capitalism and less on the fundamentals of humanity, which is morals, art and compassion for the unfortunate. In anarchism, the government is deemed unnecessary and the best society is one that is run by the people on a voluntary basis. See, it’s not all about setting trash cans on fire and drawing grungy anarchy symbols on the sides of buildings.

The Snowman has a lot to say about your current perception of Anarchism. There’s a good chance that he believes that what you believe is entirely incorrect. Luckily, GrappleVideos dropped this gem with Jeff Monson discussing Anarchism with a little dubstep in the background. Props to Hywel T. for the find.

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