Laura Sanko Wants to Become FIRST Female UFC Color Commentator

Image of Laura Sanko via Instagram: @Laura_Sanko
Image of Laura Sanko via Instagram: @Laura_Sanko

Laura Sanko Wants to Become FIRST Female UFC Color Commentator in the History of the Organization

Laura Sanko is truly one of the greatest treasures in all of mixed martial arts. Currently, her role within the UFC is an inside of the cage/ sideline reporter. As a former fighter turned journalist, Sanko virtually has all bases covered when it comes to MMA. However, she doesn’t plan on being complacent although she excels at everything she touches. Now, Sanko has a new goal of becoming the UFC’s first female color commentator in a trailblazing effort.

As mentioned above, when it comes to MMA, Sanko has done it all. Not many journalists in the field can say that they’ve competed professionally inside of the cage. Furthermore, factor in that Sanko is also a wife and mother, and fans will begin to realize she’s a living Superwoman.

Sanko takes her craft seriously. Regardless if she is doing interviews, or reporting on news, she’s always looking to take her career to the next level. Which is why it’s not a surprise that she has such large aspirations for the sport. Regardless of the weird and unnecessary hate that she sometimes receives from perverts online.

Sanko Speaks About Color Commentary During Interview

Knowing the fight game inside and out has always been an advantage for Sanko. And, that advantage might be what carries her to her goal of becoming a UFC color commentator. She spoke with MMA Junkie about her aspirations.

“My dream would be to eventually be part of that booth,” said Sanko.

“One of the things that’s kind of allowed me to succeed in this job despite no broadcasting training whatsoever, is I do really understand the fight game.

She continued, “I like to think that over my years with the UFC, with Contender Series I’ve shown my fight knowledge over the interviews I do. I can tell that over time people have started to realize I do really understand the game and can provide on the spot analysis of what’s happening in a fight.”

Achieving Goals

If anyone deserves to be the first female inside of the color commentary booth, it’s Laura. She’s as qualified as all of the personalities that are currently in the booth today. As a former fighter, and someone who spends countless hours studying MMA, Sanko will not only acquire the position, she will excel in it.

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