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Watch: Megan Anderson and Laura Sanko read all the mean tweets you sent them

The Internet is both bigger and smaller than ever. Thanks to social media, celebrities like Megan Anderson and Laura Sanko can get even closer to their fans.

Social media brings the big bad Internet down to the level of the everyman; which is both cool and horrifying.

In a single video from Anderson, an UFC featherweight, and Sanko, an UFC reporter on FS1, we get the good, bad and ugly when anonymous fans interact with famous people. Also, apparently anonymous Twitter accounts are 99% worse than your average Twitter accounts; which people already don’t have any reservations about being ass holes behind.

It’s a novel concept but shit, maybe people should be nicer to other people on social media? If you’re nicer to random Internet humans, what’s the worst that can happen? Crazy right?

Let’s watch the dynamic duo of Anderson and Sanko make light of all of mean tweets people randomly send them.

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