Nate Landwehr Bests David Onama In War For The Ages – UFC San Diego Results (Highlights)

Landwehr came out on top after a back-and-forth featherweight war with Onama in the UFC San Diego co-main event.

Nate Landwehr

A featherweight encounter between Nate Landwehr and David Onama is taking place now (Saturday, August 13, 2022) at UFC San Diego.

Round 1

Onama with some jabs early on. Onama checks a leg kick. Landwehr lands a left and connects with a leg kick soon after. Onama with a front kick to the body. He follows it with a right cross. Both fighters swing in the pocket. Onama with a stinging jab afterwards. Onama drops Landwehr and threatens with a choke. Landwehr gets out but is wearing some damage. Onama drops Landwehr with a huge left and attempts to finish the fight. Landwehr gets up but is taken down as he tries to survive. Onama goes to full mount and a scramble sees him take Landwehr’s back. Landwehr spins and is now on top. Landwehr lands some good elbows but is fatigued. Onama gets out of it. They clinch up momentarily. 

Round 2

Landwehr is more active now. His head kick is blocked but he lands a leg kick. Landwehr is finding more success landing now. He’s starting to overwhelm Onama who now goes for the takedown. Landwehr defends and they clinch up. Landwehr lands some big knees and takes Onama down. Onama gets up but Landwehr continues with the knees. He attempts an anaconda but Onama slips out! Onama shoots but Landwehr defends and has him mounted. Onama gets out and they return to striking. Onama is clearly fatigued and shoots again. Landwehr attempts another anaconda but Onama slips out. Landwehr mounts him again and lands some big shots. Landwehr makes a mistake and Onama looks to sink in a choke. Landwehr gets out and continues to pile on the pressure. The fight goes to the ground again as Landwehr has him back mounted. He is labored himself but decides to extend the fight to the third round.

Round 3

Onama has a bit more life in him and connects on Landwehr. Landwehr is overwhelming him again. Onama shoots but is unable to land. Landwehr is showboating now and playing to the crowd. Onama finds life and lands big strikes on Landwehr! Landwehr eats it and continues with the onslaught and lands some big knees. Onama is still in this though. Both fighters are swinging but Landwehr is still the more energetic of the pair. He stops fighting and plays to the crowd. Onama points to the center and calls for a fight. They start to swing and pressure from Onama gets Landwehr down. They swing until the end. What a fight!

Official Result: Nate Landwehr defeats David Onama via majority decision (28-28, 29-27, 29-27).

Check out the highlights below:

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