King Mo explains the ‘Cuban Style’ he will bring to Mousasi

After the Strikeforce teleconference call with King Mo and Gegard Mousasi, a lot of you probably sat at your desk wondering exactly what King Mo’s ‘Cuban Style’ consisted of. In the call, King Mo alluded to a new style that he’s been practicing with Rashad Evans entitled ‘Cuban’, to defeat Gegard Mousasi. Since I have no idea exactly what King Mo was referring to, I thought I would call him to clarify his ‘Cuban perspective’ on his upcoming April 17th CBS bout. Here’s what he had to say.

Well I came up with it, Me and Rashad Evans perfected it. It’s hard to explain, but if you watch Cuban boxing, you’ll notice a certain trend.

I really can’t comment much on it, but it’s really confusing. It’s mass confusion pretty much. If you want to see what it’s about, look up the Cuban wrestlers and the Cuban boxers and the Judo guys.

I can’t tell you guys what specific Youtube video to watch, but (the style) is off the chain. The day before the fight I’ll send you a link and let you watch.

Damn, looks like we have to wait until April 16th to know exactly what the hell King Mo is talking about. However, if it involves Kun-Kun…the entire MMA world is down.

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