Kimbo Slice is pouring a bowl of cereal…right now

How is everyone still not in shock right now? As you read this, Kimbo Slice is in The Ultimate Fighter house probably pouring Lucky Charms in his ‘Kimbo sized’ bowl of cereal right now. The fact that Kimbo Slice is battling it out with 15 other dudes just thoroughly blows my mind. The full cast list for TUF 10 was released a couple of days ago and there are some pretty decent names on their like Big Country Roy Nelson and even former defensive end for the Tampa Bay Bucs, Marcus Jones. But none of that compares to the fact that Kimbo Slice is around Dana White trying to right hook his way into a shot at the UFC Heavyweight belt. 

If someone sat me down right now and said..’Zeus, you have an (another) illegitimate kid in Thailand’ it would pale in comparision to the sheer thought of Kimbo Slice roaming the hallways of some house in Las Vegas getting trained by Rashad Evans (or Rampage Jackson). People, if someone told you two years ago that the dude you used to watch fighting bullies in people’s backyards would one day rock a pair of UFC gloves and train on a reality show with two former light heavyweight champions, you would probably have thrown your keyboard at me…and I probably would have kept it because I need a new one. Sucker.

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