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Kid Yamamoto’s shorts for UFC on FOX are better than yours

Kid Yamamoto’s shorts for UFC on FOX are better than yours

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Growing up I spent a lot of my time is dimly lit room, either playing video games or listening to Iron Maiden. This shaped me in more ways than one. One of those ways it has shaped me is that I don’t like being around other living organism’s besides my cat. Two is that I am not fond of bright things. Which is why speaks volumes as to how astronomically awesome Kid Yamamoto’s shorts are for his upcoming fight this weekend.

Don’t quote me on this but I firmly believe that wearing these shorts will make you a more interesting person. If that isn’t the case, it will make you a better liar so you seem like a more interesting person. You can expect me to purchase them and wear them all the time even in situations that do not call for me to wear them, which is about 100% of the time seeing as I don’t plan to start a MMA career anytime soon.

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