Keeping it real with Ruthess Robbie Lawler

Its not easy to get an interview with Robbie Lawler, matter of fact its damn near impossible. I’m pretty sure, just for helping to arrange this interview, we might owe Matt Pena all you can eat sushi, an entire truckload of Hennessey and he will always get to win when we play skeeball on thursdays. Robbie doesn’t really like doing interviews, he would rather show you everything he wants to say by getting in the cage and throwing bombs. Robbie Lawler is a man of few words but what he says he means, he isn’t going to waste time bs-ing with you. He reminds me of an outlaw cowboy that walks into the saloon and doesn’t say a word-his reputation preceeds him. The patrons step to the side to let him walk by and his drink is waiting for him when he sits down. He doesn’t have to say anything, you already know not to mess with him when he walks in the room.

It’s pretty warm in Arizona, do you still have your beard? how is that going? Yea.


Can you estimate the length in inches of your beard? It’s the length of real mans beard.


Have you grown attached to your beard? Yeah.


Do you dread shaving your beard? I don’t shave, I trim.


Do you think the beard is a help or a hinderence in MMA? (We are trying to prove a beard power theory) Skills make the difference.


Could you beat up Damarques Johnson? I don’t know, (snickering) he’s got a big ole head.


What do you think of Miletich selling off his camp? He has been training people for a long time and wants to do something new. Good for him.


Do you want Matt Hughes to retire or should he keep going? That’s on him.


What were you saying to Scott Coker after the Strikeforce St Louis press conference? Whatever it was you got a title shot Nothin. Don’t worry about (with a gangster/mobster tone and laugh).


Tim Kennedy says you’ve ducked him 3-4 times…confirm or deny? I can neither confirm nor deny that.


If you could overhand right anyone on the planet who would it be? (don’t say Obama you will get you in big trouble ) I’m not gonna answer that. There is too many to choose from.


Explain what you think of the afterlife? is there an after life?


The apocalypse is here, zombies are loose and its a mad max style civilization. does Granite City stand or fall? Probably falls.


Would you be their leader? I’ll be chillin in Arizona.


Do you think you got ripped off for KO of the year at the fighter award show (whatever its called) I’m not too worried about it. I’m not one to bitch about winning awards.


Are the rumors true, you play World of Warcraft? No.


What is the nerdiest thing you are into? I play madden. I don’t think that’s nerdy.


Did you feel bad for Matt Lindland? or did you just think he was silly for standing with you? (in a drawn out tone) I didn’t feel bad for him.


Who wins the Superbowl? LT and the Jets.
Published on January 16, 2011 at 9:28 pm
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