Josh Barnett is going to ‘anally rape’ his next opponent

Orange County, California is a pretty boring place. Most people who live there become socially predisposed to eating out of strip-malls, listening to generic rebellious music, getting pointless tattoos, and training MMA with no intention to compete. It might be the only place in the world where listing your BJJ credentials might not look silly on a banking resume. Josh Barnett is not that kind of Orange County kid and to the best of our knowledge, he’s never applied for a job at Bank of America. Since his fight with Fedor fell through, he spends most of his time clowning guys in grappling tournaments. Outside his DREAM 13 fight with Mighty Mo which you may remember by the worst groin strike in the history of MMA, the ‘Baby-Faced Assassin’ has a hard time finding opponents. Armed with sodomy-laced smack talk, check out what Josh Barnett plans to do Geronimo dos Santos at their fight in Brisbane the same night as DREAM 15. [Source]

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