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Jose Aldo drops Ed Soares as a manager and joins an ‘anti-crack’ campaign

Jose Aldo drops Ed Soares as a manager and joins an ‘anti-crack’ campaign

According to TATAME, Jose Aldo dropped Ed Soares as a manager and joined an anti-crack campaign. Both scenarios were mutually independent. We’re not implying that Jose Aldo left his long-time manager, Ed Soares just so that he could join an anti-crack campaign in Brazil. We’re also not claiming Jose Aldo joined an anti-crack campaign as some subversive dig towards Ed Soares. We have no reason to believe that Ed Soares uses (or has used) crack. We just saw two really cool items in one story and decided to combine them together, like a cup of yogurt that comes with a complimentary plastic, foldable fork. This title combination was made for your convenience. We already know you have a stressful life, so we’re just trying to make it easier.

Eduardo Ferreira from TATAME is reporting that Jose Aldo left his manager Ed Soares to pursue a business relationship with Nova Uniao head-coach, Andre Pederneiras. Some of you probably remember Junior dos Santos decided to part ways with Ed Soares back in the Summer of 2011. Within a few months, dos Santos became the UFC heavyweight champion. We’re not implying JDS became champion because he left Ed Soares. We’re just combining two ideas into one sentence — since we’re in the mood of combining stuff. Check this out, ‘Selater’ is a mash-up of ‘See you later.’ Let’s start running with that word in 2012.

Andre Pederneiras also announced that Jose Aldo will be at Shooto in Brazil on April 21st and will join an ‘anti-crack’ campaign, which as we all know is vastly superior to a ‘pro-crack campaign.’ Props to Esther Lin for the pic. [Source]

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