Joe Warren will upset your favorite fighter this Spring in Bellator

When James Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson in Japan, the next day I went to school and told everyone in my elementary school. Later that day I got a detention for being a social butterfly. Guy Mezger called it before I even had the chance. At Dream 9, Joe Warren defeated Kid Yamamoto in a split decision win that dropped Yamamoto’s record to 17-2-0 (Dude’s last lost was 7 years ago). This was Joe Warren’s second fight (Team Quest ftw).

Warren moved on to the semi-final round of Dream’s Featherweight Tournament where Bibiano Fernandes got the W via intergalactic friggin armbar. Joe Warren looked at the referee with the ‘I didn’t tap, lets start over over please’ look but it was too late. To put the icing on the Japanese MMA cake, dude ran into his corner and gave Warren the finger…ran out of the ring and gave him the finger again. Bibaino Fernandes won via elementary school playground.

Today, Bellator announced they have signed Joe Warren for their Featherweight Tourney which is slated to go down this Spring and this time, you don’t need ESPN Deportes to watch MMA’s best kept secret.


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