Joe Rogan Talks Tyson Fury v Francis Ngannou: “If We’re Allowed To Clinch, Tyson’s In A Lot Of Trouble”

Joe Rogan spoke about the one key rule that could make the fight more favorable for Francis Ngannou against Tyson Fury

Joe Rogan, Tyson Fury, Francis Ngannou
Joe Rogan, Tyson Fury, Francis Ngannou (via YouTube & @jedigoodman Twitter)
  • Joe Rogan believes that Francis Ngannou has better chances of winning against Tyson Fury if clinching is allowed
  • Rogan theorized what Fury might have planned following his retirement announcement

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan talked about Tyson Fury’s impressive win over Dillian Whyte to unify the WBC heavyweight gold. Joined by Radio Rahim, the pair discussed the possibility of Tyson Fury fighting Francis Ngannou. Rogan speculated the prospect of Fury taking time off to train MMA before talking about the rules for the dream matchup.

Joe Rogan speculates Tyson Fury’s plans

In a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan stated that he “doesn’t buy” Fury’s talks of retirement. The comedian borrowed a theory to explain the recent events and what Fury might have planned up his sleeve.

“Now, he made his intentions known after the fight. He brings over Francis Ngannou. He says, ‘we’re going to have a hybrid fight with these 4-ounce gloves on’. That doesn’t sound like boxing to me, sounds like a hybrid fight. What do I need all these f**king boxing commissions? What are they going to do, WBC, everybody’s going to get their piece? The f**k outta here with your piece. I quit! I retire. Have somebody fight for this bulls**t title that you know is mine. You know it’s mine'”

“What are you going to do, you take it away and give it to somebody else? Everyone’s going to know, ‘Tyson Fury’s still around but he just retired so he doesn’t have to pay you.’ He doesn’t have to pay the WBA, WBC, or whoever the f**k has the title reigns.”

Rogan believes clinching will be a key factor

After Fury defeated Whyte last month, he wasted no time in making his plans clear. ‘The Gypsy King’ invited Francis Ngannou to the ring to join the celebrations as the two hyped up their potential super fight. ‘The Predator’ will be a free agent in under a year after his contract with the UFC expires.

They have both expressed interest in a hybrid rules contest but the specifics of those rules are what’s most interesting. Since it’s likely to be a more boxing-heavy matchup, the rules that favor Ngannou could make all the difference.

Rogan theorized that if clinching is allowed, Ngannou will have a better chance of coming out the victor.

“If it’s just boxing, he’s going to have a really hard time hitting him”

“Ngannou does have the nuclear option though. He really does. He does have nuclear one-punch knockout power. One of his knockouts of Alistair Overeem is one of the most terrifying knockouts I’ve ever seen in my life”

“Now, is he going to land that on Tyson Fury? It’s going to be real f**king hard but the problem is what kinda hybrid rules are we talking about? Are we allowed to clinch? Cos if we’re allowed to clinch, Tyson’s in a lot of trouble. If Francis can clinch you, hold on to you, and just punch you in the face in a way that’s illegal in boxing,”

“If you can hold and hit because you can in MMA, it’s called dirty boxing. Guys grab the back of your head and smash you in the face. I mean, hold on to you and keep you in place.”

Regardless of the outcome, a crossover bout between the two baddest men on the planet would make for a highly entertaining spectacle and a great payday for both.


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