Joe Rogan Warns UFC To ‘Not Make Any Plans’ Because Tony Could Beat Khabib

Joe Rogan
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Joe Rogan Says Tony Ferguson Is The Toughest Fight Of Khabib’s Career

UFC 249 features one of the best fights the UFC can put together between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson. Ahead of the fight, Joe Rogan explains how it is very possible for the fight to go either way.

Rogan, like the rest of the MMA world, has been waiting anxiously to see Khabib vs Ferguson. He has watched for years, as the fight has been booked then canceled year over year. As a result, he is incredibly hyped about the fight.

However, despite what Dana White may think, Rogan realizes this is not a surefire win for Khabib. Although the champ is undefeated, Ferguson has not lost in a substantial amount of time. Therefore, when speaking on a recent episode of the JRE, Joe explained just how tough a matchup Tony is for the Eagle.

“I think Khabib vs Tony is the toughest fight of Khabib’s career. I really believe that. I think Tony Ferguson is a nightmare for anybody, especially right now. When you watch his fight with Anthony Pettis, when you watch how he busted up Donald Cerrone. I think Tony Ferguson is the scariest guy for anybody at 155 pounds to fight. ”

“(Khabib and Tony) together — it’s an epic fight. But I would not be making any plans if I was Dana or if I was anybody else. I would not be making any plans, because Khabib can win that fight, but it’s not guaranteed. Tony can win that fight, too.”

As exciting as the idea of a Khabib vs Conor rematch may be, Joe Rogan raises a great point. Win or lose, Tony Ferguson has the potential to be the toughest fight of Nurmagomedov’s career.

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