Video: Joe Rogan & Ari Shaffir recall the 1st time they smoked weed with Jon Jones

Jon Jones weed

This story is just too perfect. So Jon Jones, Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir and a tinfoil’s worth of weed walk into a Montreal hotel room. No, not like that but even better.

Ever hear a story that is just too good to be true? This story about Joe Rogan and Ari Shaffir smoking weed with at the time a 4-0 in MMA Jon Jones is that story. Can’t get enough of this story. Want to be in that hotel room when all this goes down.

How many Joe Rogan weed stories can we go through before we tap out? Not sure, but not even close to our legal limit yet.

How many Bones Jones does some type of drugs (eh weed doesn’t count) stories before we get sick of them? We got along ways to go on that one to.

So many layers to this small story from Rogan and Shaffir. And there is so many layers to the public persona of Johnny Jones.

We’re 99% sure this late night smoke session occurred before UFC 83: Serra vs. St-Pierre 2 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This was four months before Jones made his UFC debut at UFC 87: Seek and Destroy. (Bless the old UFC naming their events formula).

This was when Jones was still training MMA out in New York and to listen to a high Rogan throw Bones’ old fight team under the bus is damn hilarious. “Go West young Bones” is what a high as fuck Rogan and Shaffir encouraged Jones to do and the rest is MMA history.

Awesome story and awesome advice.

Check out the full episode of JRE MMA Show #46 with Ari Shaffir below

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