James Irvin says if you’re going to take performance enhancing drugs, check the ban list first

Eating three whole meals a day is a performance enhancing drug. Making sure the trash is hauled to the front of the yard before you start your day is a way to enhance your performance. Growing up in nuclear family in a mildly conservative neighborhood in the Midwest as opposed to be raised in a favela in Brazil is a sure-fire method to enhance one’s performance, but that didn’t effect Marlon Sandro from terrorizing the featherweight division for years. In short, the idea of a PED is purely subjective. Should MMA not allow Elevation Training Masks because they’re not accessible to fighters with lower incomes? There’s a simple fix to this. Allow everything and the athletic commission won’t have to keep up with an extensive ban list. Let it all fly, and let God sort them out. If there is no God, then it will be forever unorganized.

Check out our brief interview with James Irvin where he says that the drug he was ‘caught’ taking is something that he has been ingesting for years, with no problem from any athletic commission.

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