Jake O’Brien says Jon Jones can’t be wild forever

I think when Joe Rogan commentated Jon Jones last fight in the UFC against Stephan Bonnar, he called him an ‘MMA freakazoid’. The most amazing thing about that fight was the fact that Joe Rogan used the term ‘freakazoid’. It almost makes you wonder if he was a fan of that cartoon ‘Freakazoid‘, otherwise where else would he get that from? If you’re using ‘freak’ to describe the Jon Jones’ ability to completely dominate a fight then you’re on the right track. But ‘Freakazoid’ is a little 1995ish. If you’re going to go for it, ‘Freakazilla’ seems more appropriate. So does ‘Freakanator’, ‘Freakaton3000’, ‘Former Secretary of State Freakalizza Rica’, ‘Freakformers’, ‘Bean Freakritto’…I could spend weeks doing it.

In an interview with MMAWeekly, Jake O’Brien had some words to say about Jon Jones to build O’Brien’s self-esteem: 

“I don’t think he’s ever been (on his back) in a fight…I know what it’s like to be on my back. He hasn’t been there. That’s the place to beat him. I think that’s where he’s not ready to be a top-level fighter yet. I’m not going to give him a lot of chances to throw me.”

“He gets wild…The wild things he does, they work. One of these times, it’s going to hurt him, like Urijah Faber; how he got caught the first time he fought Mike Brown. He can’t be like that forever.”

What Jake O’Brien fails to realize is that Jon Jones doesnt need to be wild all the time. He just needs to be wild the fraction of a second when he suplexes you to the ground or flying knees you in the bridge of your nose. If Jon Jones were wild all the time, dude would be a schizophrenic. [Source]

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