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It’s true, the UFC will force every fighter to wear a ‘UFC uniform’ inside the Octagon

It’s true, the UFC will force every fighter to wear a ‘UFC uniform’ inside the Octagon

The real reason why the Sunday Morning Rumor Mills are so sporadically published on the site is because whenever we have a real juicy rumor, it ends up being validated (or dispelled) before Sunday even arrives. Of course that leaves us with a bunch of miscellaneous items that are generally too bizarre to publish. Technically we could just run those, but people would think the entire staff of MiddleEasy is under the influence of some psychedelic Alexander Shulgin created.

Speaking of psychedelics, a few weeks I created, and I encourage all of you to submit your very own experience into the land of psychedelia.

There’s no other MMA agent we trust more than Malki Kawa. The guy is raking in more green from the sport than an entire forest of evergreens going through photosynthesis. What he usually tweets is extraordinary accurate since he has uncanny connections in UFC, and apparently a rumor that we were going to publish this weekend is indeed true. The UFC is going to uniforms that will only allow 2-3 sponsor spots that will be up for sale.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p>From what I understand ufc is going to clothing uniforms. Fighters will still have 2-3 spots open to sell. Ufc not finding fighters sponsors</p>&mdash; malki kawa (@malkikawa) <a href=”″>February 13, 2014</a></blockquote>
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