UFC and Reebok Won’t Allow Fighter to Wear ‘God of War’ Mask to the Cage Because They Hate Fun

Deiveson Figueiredo won the curtain jerker of UFC 212 with a referee TKO stoppage at the end of the 2nd round in his UFC debut. For a young unknown fighter in the Flyweight division, it might have been the most dope thing to ever happen in his life. But it would have been all the more dope had the UFC not just dropped the least dope thing that ever happen on him just before the fight.

It seems like Deiveson Figueiredo (which for the record, seems like a made up Brazilian name) fancies himself a killer of gods. Our new favorite Brazilian Flyweight took some initiative and got himself a fantastic mask of Kratos from God of War to wear for his walk out. If you are going to pick a video game character to channel before competing in the UFC octagon, Kratos isn’t a bad pick at all. The man who slayed every God and Titan of ancient Greek myth… That’s the kind of mojo you want to be feeling when you’re about to get into a cage fight.


But of course, UFC has sold every last bit of fun left in this sport to the God of Capitalism, and even Kratos couldn’t stab through that fucker’s cold, black heart. They wouldn’t allow him to wear the mask out to the cage. To compound their our stupidity and our disappointment, they wouldn’t even let him wear it in the post-fight scrum. Let’s all take a moment of silent reflection to acknowledge just how much we are missing in MMA because the UFC made the sport corporate as fuck.

Anyway, if you aren’t up to date of your God of War, and want to know just how dope Kratos is, check out this clip of him killing some ancient Greek gods in some gnarly ways.

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