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It’s time to watch UFC Primetime: Diaz Vs. Condit

It’s time to watch UFC Primetime: Diaz Vs. Condit

There is nothing I want to do more than watch Diaz Vs. Condit on Xbox Live. Fights like these only come around four, maybe five times a year. You know, fights that are 100% guaranteed to leave you satisfied and tired afterwords, throat burning from screaming at the TV. But I can’t watch Diaz Vs. Condit on Xbox Live. You know why? My Xbox broke, and when I got my new unit I had to enter in my Windows Live ID, which I created 6 years ago and forgot about. Well, eventually I figured out my lost Windows email but then I forgot my ancient password. No biggie though right? I’ll just reset my password and be on my way. Wrong. Dead wrong. Every time I try to reset my password I’m met with this: “There is a temporary problem with this service please try again later‘. I’ve tried different browsers, computers, cleared my cache. I flew to San Francisco and tried to reset my password on a computer there. I even had Dave Walsh of fame try to reset it for me in New Mexico to no avail. Nothing will ever get me my Xbox Gamertag back and all I want to do is play Halo and watch UFC. This has been going on for a month. Please, [insert religious figure/Obi Wan] help me. You’re my only hope.

Now this UFC Primetime: Diaz Vs. Condit is out and it’s so awesome that I feel mocked. Hopefully I can get this mess sorted out in the next few weeks or I don’t know what I will do.


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