It’s not a joke, Chad OchoCinco really wants to fight Anderson Silva

Anyone that changes their name from ‘Johnson’ to the phonetically incorrect ‘OchoCinco’ deserves a chance to get front kicked in the face by Anderson Silva. If your last name begins and ends with an ‘O’, then it’s the equivalent of purchasing a one-way pass to meet a flurry of jabs in front of an audience of millions. While it may seem somewhat unreasonable that Chad OchoCinco will actually fight Anderson Silva, we all remember what happened with James Toney this time last year. If you constantly knock on Dana White’s door via public interviews and YouTube clips, you just may get what you want — and if this fight indeed happens, it would undoubtedly be the most watched MMA event in history. Sorry Kimbo.

Check out this clip of Chad OchoCinco making it clear that he wants to fight Anderson Silva if the NFL season goes on hiatus in 2011.

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