Israel Adesanya Talks His Unseen Ground Game: ‘Khabib Isn’t The Only One Who Can Maul People’

Israel Adesanya
Photo via Instagram @stylebender

Israel Adesanya Confident In His Ground Game

Israel Adesanya is known for his world class striking game. However, he says that his ground game is just as impressive, even if it has not been set yet.

Adesanya burst onto the UFC scene with an explosion, becoming undisputed champion in about a year and a half. While he is gaining popularity from his general demeanor, his fighting style is also quite fan friendly. He has a flashy style of kickboxing that landed him with comparisons to Anderson Silva (who he went on to beat).

With a striking style as effective as his, some have wondered why Adesanya chose to pursue MMA, instead of a sport like boxing. Speaking recently with Ariel Helwani, he explained that he wanted the bigger challenge.

“I could have done boxing and do the blueprint. fight some journeymen, some bums, fight a local champions, climb the ranks. You know, fight like Australian and oceanic chaMpions, climb the ranks, the blueprint. Build your record up and then fight the world champion and get a belt. I could have done that in kickboxing, but I know in my heart, my soul, if I faced up against a guy with a different style, a judo guy, jiu-jitsu guy in the streets…who’s going to break it up in the clinch? If someone leg kicks me and I don’t know how to check a LEG kick, what’s going to happen?”

Furthermore, Adesanya explains that this desire to never be bested has led him to have a well rounded game, even more than what has been shown so far.

“I never want to feel vulnerable in any situation. I never want to feel like any man can checkmate me in any position. So I had to humble myself and go back to the drawing board and learn, and really study and hone the craft of fighting in all aspects. People haven’t even seen my ground game yet, just bits and pieces of it. You haven’t seen my top game. Khabib isn’t the only who can maul people.”

It is expected that Israel Adesanya will be facing Yoel Romero in his next contest. Therefore, if there is anyone who can make “Stylebender” show his ground game, it would be him.

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