Israel Adesanya Gets Questioned Over Flabby Pec; What Is Going On?

Several Fighters Note Strange Problem With The Right Pec Of Israel Adesanya, His Response Leaves More Questions Than Answers

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Over the weekend, Israel Adesanya utterly dominated Paulo Costa to retain his middleweight title. However he seemed to be having some sort of issue with his pec that left a lot of people questioning what was going on.

Heading into the weekend, many thought that UFC 253’s main event would be an action packed, competitive affair. In the end this would not be the case at all, as the middleweight champ battered the challenger with leg kicks and hard shots, before finishing the fight by TKO in the second round. It was one of the best performances of his career and even though his post-fight antics made some concerned, it was still regarded as an impressive win overall.

What Is Going On With The Right Pec Of Israel Adesanya?

As he was walking out for his fight, a lot of people could not help but notice something strange going on with Israel Adesanya. In particular, his right pec seemed a little bit off, compared to his left. It instantly got the Twitter world buzzing, with fans and fighters alike wondering if there was an injury, or perhaps something more nefarious causing the issue.

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The Last Stylebender Responds

Naturally with all of these questions surrounding what was going on with his pec, it only makes sense that someone would ask Israel Adesanya about it. Speaking at the post-fight press conference, a reporter asked him about the comments from people, to see what his response was. His answer was to return with a question of his own.

“Why are they looking at my titties?”

To be fair, there are a lot of reasons why Israel Adesanya could be having issues with his pec, and not all of them are related to steroid use. An injury could easily cause something similar to happen. It is important to not throw accusations around, especially considering he gets drug tested on a regular basis and has not had any sort of issues with USADA. Nevertheless it is certainly an odd thing to see.

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