In case you missed it, here is Ben Saunders breaking out his ‘Killa B Guard’ at Bellator 53

Ah Tuesday, and you are already bored out of your skull in that depressing 8×8 gray walled cubicle at work. Stop wallowing in the sadness of your own repetitive data entry laden version of hell and add some exaltation and joy to your day by watching Ben Saunders break out some WuTang style BJJ at this past Saturday’s Bellator 53. Warning, this video may cause you to suddenly have the urge to blast ‘Triumph‘ from your PC speakers, rip off your shirt, and walk down the middle of cubicle aisle in your office and bring the ruckus to that loudmouthed micromanaging stuffed shirt manager who thinks you should inform him everytime you need to take a potty break.

That’s alright though, shutting that guy up via one of Ben Saunders innovative ‘Killa B style’ guard submissions or ‘punching through a keyhole’ techniques will make up for getting thrown out of work by security and heading over to the unemployment line the next day. Nevermind, I take it back. Please, don’t do that. It’s hard out there in the job search market, even for the MiddleEasy reading pimps like yourself. Just watch this video and please try your hardest not to jump up and wrap your legs around the neck of any of your officemates.

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