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If America is the land of the free, then why the [expletive] haven’t you guys followed MiddleEasy on Twitter? Is it because you’re from the UK? Well let it be known that I lived in Cardiff for four years and I’m very familiar with what a pint of cider and black is. Brains is the blandest beer, but it also is the cheapest. For that reason alone, you UKers should follow MiddleEasy on Twitter. As far as the Dutch, I spent my Christmas in the Red Light District and I noticed that there seems to be an influx of baby back ribs in The Netherlands. Every restaurant has them on sale, and I’m perfectly fine with that. Amsterdam, follow MiddleEasy on Twitter. For all you Irelanders out there, I spent St. Patty’s Day in Cork, Ireland. You guys have amazing fried chicken, a talent the Irish really need to capitalize on in the future. I can go on and fill your computer monitors with a string of strange and illegal international stories, but the most important thing is that all of you should follow MiddleEasy on Twitter.

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