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Here’s what a 16-minute media scrum for Alistair Overeem feels like

Here’s what a 16-minute media scrum for Alistair Overeem feels like

A media scrum is the closest thing the press world has to an information gangbang. I never thought I would start off an article like that, but it’s 2012 so my time to write potentially offensive intros are limited. If this media scrum existed in the time of Genghis Khan, every press member would already be pregnant before the end of our sixteen-minute video. A few villages would have been burned along with gallons of yak blood poured on the faces of the dead. Thank God we live in 2012. Who the hell would want to live in a time in which the probability of having your entire town pillaged always hovered above 70%? That’s a made-up statistic. See, that’s the stuff we can do in 2012. I just pillaged your perception on reality.

Check out what it’s like to be involved in a sixteen-minute media scrum for Alistair Overeem in this video. Also, the director of The Reem is located somewhere in the banner. Have fun discovering who it is.

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