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Here’s the first art released for the Fight Club 2 comic

Here’s the first art released for the Fight Club 2 comic

Stop! Or…I guess don’t stop? I mean starting an article with an action verb seemed like a good idea, but now my infinite neurosis just made me aware of my poor choice of verbs. If you stop reading this…well…then this entire article is pointless. What I meant to do was really call your attention to a little comic called Southern Bastards. It’s good. Go check it out. Then if you like it, in a couple of months when you go to pick up the newest issue, you can go ahead and grab issue number one of the Fight Club sequel comic being published by Dark Horse. Southern Bastards isn’t being published by Dark Horse. It’s being published by Image. I am Jack’s horrible segue. But since we’re talking about Image – for my money they consistently put out the bust material from series to series.

Anyway, the previously announced Fight Club sequel comic now has a release date, and has been confirmed as being a 10-issue mini-series. One on hand it’s a sequel that is extremely unnecessary. The sort of attempt to cash in that basically all of Fight Club was against. On the other, Dark Horse has a pretty decent track record of comic books based off of, or serving as expansions to films. It’s going to be a little weird seeing as how in the book the ending gets super bonkers. What with the narrator dying and doing that whole spiel about talking to God. Or maybe it was all a dream. Or a metaphor. I don’t know. I’m not 19 anymore. I’m not going to re-read Fight Club.

Fight Club will be on shelves April 8th, 2014. It’ll probably sell out. Then people will sell it for like fifteen bucks on Ebay. So check it out. Or just read Southern Bastards. Seriously. Southern Bastards is great.

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