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GSP dons Gracie Barra regalia, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ensues

GSP dons Gracie Barra regalia, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ensues

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Georges St. Pierre is known for being a snappy dresser and fashion icon.  The pinstriped suits, the excessive use of Affliction regalia, the finely sculpted facial hair – all of that has influenced my personal style.  Without GSP, I would never have felt comfortable wearing Karate Kid style headbands to work (casual Fridays only).

And the champ looks pretty smart in a Gracie Barra gi as well.  Watch this little clip of his recent visit to a GB school in Alberta.  Looks like taught the crowd of students an arm drag off of a lapel grab from standing (followed by a classic elevator-type sweep takedown).  Good stuff.

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