Gomi signs with UFC! Yes!

When I saw the news that Takanori Gomi has signed with UFC, I stopped everything I was doing just to put it on MiddleEasy. Any Gomi news is worth postponing that ‘bathroom trip’ you had planned for three hours. Also, note to everyone: If you’re in court and the judge tells everyone that they should say ‘Guilty, Not Guilty or No Contest’ when their name is called, whatever you do…don’t yell ‘Megatron‘ whenever they call your name. You might get a few laughs but the judge will automatically place your name at the end of the pile…hence the ‘bathroom trip’ that I had planned for the past three hours.

Regardless, any guy that goes by the ‘Fireball Kid’ is worth jumping up and down and throwing a few papers around in your office. Gomi holds the record for the fastest knockout in Pride FC taking only 6 seconds to KO Ralph Gracie with a knee (that was Ralph Gracie’s last fight by the way). Dude was the Shooto Welterweight Champion and held the title for two years. He decided that he was going to drop weight and go for the Pride FC lightweight belt which only took him 3:56 and one punch to KO Sakurai. Even though Pride is 6 feet under, Gomi still holds the Pride FC belt (which he probably places alongside all the necks he’s collected in his career). UFC just got ridunkulously better compliments of the fireball kid. [Source]

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