Gary Brecka Details How He Changed Dana White’s Life By Correcting A Doctor’s Misdiagnosis

Human biologist Gary Brecka has been a significant factor in Dana White extending his life expectancy.

Gary Brecka
Gary Brecka (Left) and Dana White (Right)(Images via Instagram @GaryBrecka and @DanaWhite)

Gary Brecka detailed how he changed Dana White’s life by improving his health.

In 2022, Dana White began working with Gary Brecka, a human biologist with millions of followers supporting his work to extend peoples’ life expectancy. The UFC president took Brecka’s test and was told he had 10.4 years to live unless he made changes. 

Over the last year and a half, White has continuously promoted Brecka’s work, claiming that it improved his health tremendously. The human biologist recently went on the Joe Rogan Experience and explained how he changed White’s life. 

Gary Brecka started by explaining how the life expectancy test opened Dana White’e eyes:

“I think giving him a life expectancy just kind of validated it for him. It just really put it in his face. That’s something you can calculate. He’s like, ok, I’m 53 now. 63 doesn’t seem that far off.”

Brecka continued by explaining what he initially prescribed to improve White’s high blood pressure: 

“Beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, diuretics, all of these things. [Dana White’s] blood pressure was still through the roof.”

Brecka followed up by saying this about the severity of the UFC president’s high blood pressure:

“I think [his blood pressure] was 160 over 110. I want to say it was very high, and it was consistently high. Our clinical team was taking his blood pressure two or three times a day, seven days a week, and it was consistently very elevated, even though he was on blood pressure medication.”

Gary Brecka further explains what led to Dana White’s health being improved

Gary Brecka has a different way of looking at medical diagnosis and treatments. When working with Dana White, Brecka claimed his doctors were misdiagnosing him for fifteen years. The popular human biologist had this to say about the situation while talking with Joe Rogan:

“In Dana White’s case, he was diagnosed with idiopathic hypertension, which he essentially did not have. He was being medicated for it, he had been medicated for it for fifteen years. He didn’t really have hypertension, there was nothing really wrong with him. It’s that his body couldn’t break down homocysteine. It was deficient in the amino acids needed to break this homocysteine down.”

Gary Brecka also explained what he prescribed to Dana White that led to a drastic change:

“In Dana’s case, and I should have brought the numbers because I had the week over week numbers, it was astounding. We just put him on a simple amino acid called trimethylglycine, an amino acid you can get off the shelf. What it did was make up for this genetic deficiency. This lack of code to break down homocysteine. His body started to methylate to break homocysteine down.”

Dana White is now 54 years old and seems to be in phenomenal shape. White has continued to be loyal to Gary Brecka by promoting the human biologist’s work. Brecka has also worked with Stephen A. Smith and numerous professional athletes. 

Watch Gary Brecka fully explain his work with Dana White below:

Published on November 10, 2023 at 1:41 am
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