Gaming God Tha Premiere got his hands all over Undisputed 3, here’s what he thinks

Jason’s note:

For those of you who don’t already know, Tha Premiere is pretty much MiddleEasy’s resident pro gamer. The dude has spent time at the top of the leaderboards in Undisputed 1,2, EA MMA, Madden and Fight Night Champion. Whenever Zeus and I want to think we are good at gaming we just remember that Tha Premiere gets flown all over the country by these companies just so game developers can have him ‘break’ their game for them. Yes, Tha Premiere is a total gaming stud. THQ was the latest to give Premiere the five star treatment after he tested their upcoming title Undisputed 3, and here’s what he thought about it. Take it away Mr Travet.

Hello fight fans, this is Premiere Travet AKA Tha Premiere. And I just wanted to share my awesome hands-on experience at THQ with you guys here in the Undisputed community.

I had the privilege of meeting several key members of the development and promotional crew for UFC Undisputed and I have to say-I was pleased with everyone I encountered. Not only their personalities, but their passion for the gaming industry and most specifically the Undisputed franchise. They care tremendously about the quality of their product, as well as the communities impressions of it. I walked away from from this experience pretty optimistic about the future of the Undisputed franchise in the hands of the THQrew.

To be completely honest, saying that I was a bit skeptical leading up to getting my hands on Undisputed 3 is a gross understatement. Although the Developer Q and A’s were promising, I wasn’t even close to being sold on UFC Undisputed 3 being a quality title.

But- all that changed once I got my hands on the game and started conversing with the dev crew about the new gameplay features and tweaks. The extra time taken to release a quality game is really reflected the moment you get into a match, even before the match actually. The presentation is awesome. Fighter entrances (especially in Pride) are authentic and exciting. The extravagance of Pride mode entrances (and post fight celebrations) are fantastic, but the gameplay itself is what really matters, and that’s where UFC Undisputed 3 delivers.

I am possibly the most vocal advocate for gameplay balance. The extreme dominance of clinching and grappling that existed in UFC 2010, throwing a hippopotamus onto the see-saw of balanced combat, does not exist in UFC 3. Strikers can be strikers and grapplers can be grapplers, or you can employ whatever strategy you choose…no one is forced to conform due to an imbalance of game mechanics. But like MMA,the fight can occur anywhere, so it’s best to hone your skills in every area.

The roster…man oh man…the roster! So many fighters, so many unique styles, so many matches to be made! One interesting thing about this years edition is that a lot of fighters can fight one class above or below their natural weight class. Making superfights a reality…well not really a reality because it’s a video game but… well you know what I mean. So, Anderson Silva Vs. GSP? Set it up! Jon Jones Vs. Cain Velasquez? Who takes it? The possibilities are nearly endless with a roster of over 150 fighters.

The knockout animations are amazing, they really are one of the shining examples of hard work by the development team. To get authentic, awe inspiring, scream and leap inducing knockout animations this year, it’s just so satisfying to knockout someone out and then proceed to stomp their faces until the ref comes and spares your opponent in Pride mode. On the flipside it’s equally as revolting to see yourself being soccer kicked into oblivion and brutally facestomped…but it all looks so awesome!

Flash KO’s are a possibility, but not a high possibility. As in,at no point will you be saying that your flash KO was unjustified.If you leaned directly into a left head kick from Pride Mirko Cro Cop, then it’s likely you may be waking up covered in confetti during the post fight interview. If you try to run and shoot in on Jose Aldo and eat an intercept knee to the jaw, don’t be surprised if you’ll be eating through a digital straw for the next couple weeks. Of course, I’m exaggerating these circumstances, the game does not include doctors helping you slurp chicken broth through a straw or administering smelling salts. But the point is, the flash KO’s that occur are justified. You wont be screaming BS when you get your block knocked off for playing recklessly.

The submission system was probably the biggest question on everyone’s mind leading into our first hand’s on experience. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical at first, but after hearing how it works, and having a couple epic submission battles,it’s probably one of my absolute favorite aspects of the gameplay. Seeing how stamina levels, character stats and movesets affect the advantage/disadvantage given in a submission battle is really something to be appreciated. A submission system in an MMA game can make or break it, since it is the quickest and surest way to immediately end a fight. But the balance of the factors that determine the winner of the submission battle is very comforting. On top of being able to deny submission attempts the same way you deny transitions, your own personal ability to deceive and fool your opponent during the sub battle is another very exciting component to the submission system that I think everyone will enjoy. It’s all very compelling and skillful.

I love this game. All I will be doing come February is playing UFC Undisputed, as well as creating some exciting content featuring the game for you guys. I’m as excited to get my hands back on the game as I am for all of you to get your hands on it as well! I am certain your reactions will fall in line with mine.

Published on November 1, 2011 at 10:39 pm
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